How To Change Oakley Earsocks and Nosepads

Why replace your Oakley ear socks and nose pads?

  • The original ones are worn out looking and dirty. All those years of use and abuse are sure to show on the Oakley earsocks. Bring life back to your Oakleys by purchasing  replacement earsocks and nosepads instead of purchasing a new pair.


  • Customize your look! Have a favorite sports team? Change the Oakley earsocks and nosepads to match the color of your favorite sports team.  There’s no better way to show your team spirit


  • Give some personality to your Oakley sunglasses. Replacing your Oakley ear rubbers can give you the ability to show your personality through your sunglasses.  Turn that standard looking off the shelf piece of eyewear into an extension of yourself.


A majority of the direct contact that the Flak Jacket or Half Jacket have with you are through the earsocks and nosepads. Oakley calls this the Oakley 3-Point fit. The 3 points are the bridge of the nose and the 2 temples.  These rubber pieces are made of Oakleys patented Unobtainium which is a material that increases grip preventing them from slipping when contact is made with your sweat.


What you'll need to replace the earsocks

Soapy water, towel, and patience!


Removing old earsocks and nosepads

For all Oakley sunglasses that have rubber pieces on the upper part of the arm next to the hinge such as on the flak jacket you will need to remove the arm from the frame.  From personal experience this is not as easy as all of the other reviews online seem to indicate. It takes great patience and persistence. Remember that Oakley frames are made of O Matter which is very durable when put under stress.

The key in removing the arm is to twist it out. Do not pull on it. The arm is held in by 2 knobs.  One on the top and one on the bottom as shown below.

Removing ear stem from Oakley Flak Jacket

The removal of the worn out earsocks and nosepads is next. The ear socks should slide right off and if not dip the end in the soapy water. The nosepads should slide off relatively easy.

 Removing the old Oakley earsock


Installing new earsocks

Before installing the new replacement Oakley socks make sure that they are in the correct orientation. If needed, put the piece up next to the frame to confirm it is correct as shown below.

Making sure Oakley earsock is in the correct orientation

 When installing the earsocks you'll need to dip the ends in soapy water. This will help glide the new sock on. You can also use hand sanitizer but I would not recommend soap directly. You'll have to push the earsock down the arm stem and over the bulb at the end.

Dip Oakley arm stem into soapy water to allow easy installation of earsock

Installing Oakley earsock

 Sliding the rubber piece on the other end of the arm is pretty simple as shown below.


 Sliding earsock on flak jacket


Installing new nosepads.

The frame has a hook-like feature that locks inside the nosepad. Once sliding one of the prongs of the hook in the nosepad then you'll need to push the nosepad so the other hook slides in. It will slide in relatively pretty easy.

Installing nose pad on Oakley Flak Jacket


That's it!!! Your old Oakley sunglasses have been brought back to life. Check out our selection of Oakley replacement earsocks and nosepads by clicking here.

 Here is the amazing transformation!

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