Oakley Interchangeable Lenses... Why they are a great buy!

With the focus today on being fit, a great many of us will choose to do some kind of activity to feel and look better. With this comes a whole range of sports or fitness regimes we can choose from and if you are like me, the first accessory I grab when going outdoors are my sunglasses! Keep reading to find out more about Oakley interchangeable lenses.

Now not only can we choose the brand but we can look for ones that have interchangeable lenses. Why?  The answer is simple: different sports or activities require different lenses because of the weather conditions or environments we place ourselves in. Sunglass lenses for skiing in the winter require a different color lens to that when going out for a game of golf.

In general, most brands will give you the option of purchasing more than one type of lens, one for bright days and days when it is overcast or the light is dull. Personally, I like to check that one set of lenses is mirrored as they are great in reducing glare. However there are so many other characteristics we need to consider; do they come with a prescription option and do they allow us to vary the nose pads so they sit better on our face and won’t fall off during intensive activity.

So with so many models to choose from let’s look at Oakley’s range in this highly competitive market that have Oakley interchangeable lenses. They currently have 2 models that I believe are some of the best out there; these are the Flak Jacket 2.0 XL and the Radarlock Path.

Both glasses come with the HDO or High Definition Optics technology that has been tested to surpass the American National Standard and include Oakley interchangeable lenses. The Radarlock Path incorporate the Switchlock Technology that allows for easy lens interchange. This is a major reason why it is the number one choice for professional cyclists where worrying about your vision is the last thing they need to worry about.

The Flak Jacket 2.0 XL is another wrap around style that is designed for men. Like the Radarlock Path they are made from O Matter, which is a light weight patented material that is superior to other brands with its level of durability.

Oakley Flak Jacket 2.0 XL

The attention to small detail by Oakley is never more evident than their incorporating of ventilation in the temple and lens areas that reduces fogging. Both glasses have 100% UVA, UVB and UVC protection that ensures that getting “fit” doesn’t mean developing eye damage. Oakley gives you a choice between the Fire and Black Iridium lens colors among others, with options of a mirrored coating and polarizing characteristics.

They both have the 3 point fit technology, that give a great snug fit without the soreness that can develop after long term wearing.

So why choose the above over the other competitors?  Let me tell you that Oakley have been around since 1975 when James Jannard spent $300 bucks to set up shop. In that time they continue to develop their technology to stay in front of the opposition even though they could easily rest on their “laurels”. You can read more about the history of Oakley here.

I am of mature age and have owned around 10 pairs of Oakleys over the years, simply because after a few beers I lose or sit on them :0 They get my thumbs up!

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By Stacy Allison

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